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We love our shirts and can't believe how soft they are! Thank you!

This is one of the nicest local designs I've seen. Loving it.

We love, love, love the Berkshire design with Greylock, and the colors/quality of the shirts are so nice. All around, great job!


Our Story

Live Love Berkshires was born to encourage positivity, inspire wholeness, and form connections in our community.

It started with a voice inside my head: #liveloveberkshires

Ok, that sounds weird. It wasn't actually a "voice" - but it was something...an idea that kept floating around.

What would it be exactly? I wasn't sure. It could be my Instagram handle. A Berkshire blog. A simple hashtag. For two years the thought came and went. Seriously...two years...I know.

During that time, our family fell in love with being together in nature. We loved hiking, fishing, river walking, kayaking - and many times, as we were trekking through the trails with the little one leading the way, a t-shirt idea would come to mind. (Everyone has an idea for a t-shirt.)

Eventually we decided it would be awesome to create some really great "Berkshire" gear for our outdoor adventures, and the concept started taking form. Live Love Berkshires would create great designs on super comfy, breathable, movable apparel for nature lovers with an active lifestyle.

In our first blog post, I'll share how our mission was formed - and the amazing story of how our little one helped me discover it.

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When I sat down to really think about the mission and vision of Live Love Berkshires, I had a strong desire to ensure giving back to the community was a big part of our purpose.  I thought about the areas we wanted to focus on. Nature and kids immediately came to mind, then teachers and educators…police officers, fire fighters, and other first responders…community art projects…the vision grew and grew.

Eventually it grew into something I’m super excited about and proud of – that is the N.E.C.K.S. Generation Foundation! (Get it? Nature, Education, Community, Kids, and Safety!)

My goal for this is to be an entirely youth-led organization, empowering and building a whole generation of thinkers, doers, and leaders across the Berkshires to connect with nature, take action, and lead development in positive social, emotional, and economic change.

The vision is to put together programs to train, mentor, nurture, and connect young people in Berkshire County to become young leaders – whether they choose entrepreneurship, advocacy, or anything in between, the goal is for Berkshire youth to be heard and empowered, while developing skills to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

10% of all profits from Live Love Berkshires will proudly be contributed to the N.E.C.K.S. Generation Foundation and its mission.